Road Fund

                                                                     THE ROAD FUND

The legal, organizational and financial bases for setting up and running the road fund are regulated by the Road Fund Law no. 720 of 02.02.1996.

The Fund has a special destination, being used to finance:

A) maintenance, repair and reconstruction of national and local public roads;

B) road design;

C) development of the production base of the units performing road maintenance works, procurement of machinery and equipment for them;

D) production of road construction materials;

E) - excluded;

F) scientific research, design and construction research in the field;

G) road administration;

H) the expenses for servicing and repayment of the special purpose loans approved by law, according to art.2 paragraph (2) of this law.

Extract from the Road Fund Law, no. 720 of 02.02.1996

Annual reports on the use of the road fund (published)