S. E. "State Road Administration"(SRA) is founded by the Ministry of Economy and  Infrastructure, and has as its object of activity:

Maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, development, upgrading and administration of national public roads and other road infrastructure elements defined by law in order to ensure safe, fluent and continuous road traffic;
Implementation of the unitary development programs of the public roads network in accordance with the Transport and Logistics Strategy for the years 2013-2022 of the Ministry of Economy and  Infrastructure, with the requirements of the national economy.
The SRA has as its responsibilities the efficient management of the financial resources allocated from the Road Fund and external sources for the development, modernization and maintenance of the national public roads network of the Republic of Moldova.

The length of the national and local public roads network in the Republic of Moldova is 9386 km, of which, for maintenance S.E. "State Road Administration" is 5865,8 km, including:

Express roads – 606,6 km;
Republican roads – 1987,9 km;
Regional roads – 3271.4 km.

1. Starting with 2017, local public roads shall be transferred to the local public administration of level II (local councils).

2. The total length of local roads is 3520,2 km.